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Becoming human (humanization) means to me »Individuation and Self-Perfection«, the development of man I see as a process of individuation, of becoming unified to one indivisible whole, something unique, an individual. Individuation as a process of becoming himself includes the development of all aptitudes and abilities, his goal is the complete awareness.

I am on this way of “Individuation and Enlightenment” as far as I can remember. And in that sense, I would like to provide an insight into my personal life on this website.

Where? – Why? – Where? – Early on in my life, I stood at the three basic life questions.

In the first half of my youth, my whole soul and intellectual environment went from one day to the other to the opposite, and so was my previous worldview radically called into question. I had to integrate a completely different world view than I had known before. From the Christian god believing certain attitude towards an atheistic and scientifically based understanding of the world. Today I see it as a great opportunity that was offered to me to develop my own view of the world. I had to learn to think for themselves and choose for myself which side I wanted to give more confidence, and even then I was looking for consensuses and the synthesis of both views.

Through this spiritual shock, I was very urgently and existentially faced with the question of the meaning of our human existence. Given the short lifespan of us as human beings for learning is available, it seemed to me unreasonable to demand morality or justice. Therefore, on the purely scientific side alone could be no logical answer. The mystical alternative initially lacked the scientific arguments, now this branch of research has new and more accurate measuring instruments available and many ancient documents believed as lost, are now being republished. But nevertheless, my scientific side prevented me from accepting on blind faith what I had not personally experienced.

As an inquisitive boy, I wondered how one could learn in such a short time everything worth knowing if we are to have only one life disposal. My role model was then Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of Renaissance artists. I read in the Leonardo biography of the Russian author Dimitri Merezhkovsky of Alchemists who claim to have found the »Philosopher’s Stone«, the great mystery, the ‘Elixir of Life’ which is to confer physical immortality. Merezhkovsky describes the alchemists as charlatans, and they can expose the scientific working as Leonardo fair jugglers and impostors. But the question of eternal life was asked, the search began.

To bring in line science and mysticism, with a unified holistic philosophy and science,
this idea has shaped my whole life.

Early on I had access to genuine alchemical literature and descriptions of the life and teachings of the masters from the Far East. The literature on Yoga and “Siddhartha” the ‘Indian novel’ of Hermann Hesse gave me enthusiasm for the cultures of the East. Later I read the detailed processing of the alchemical symbolism of C.G. Jung in his work “Mysterium Coniunctionis”. So there were reports such as the physical life was to extend or renew forever and to keep them from death. And although these texts were explained as mythology, I suspected behind real knowledge and unknown techniques. As an important sign also proved the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, I read the beginning of the 70s, but only in 2001, I met my current teacher of ‘Kriya Yoga’ Marshall Govindan Satchidananda.

Dying as a transition into another dimension, in a transcendent ethereal world, donate even without reincarnation consolation of heaven, but only the re-entry into a new life and the repetition of this process will allow compensation for harm suffered or perpetrated atrocities and to justice. Abstract nihilism, the negation of all positive approaches in a godless world, can make no sense and no justice, I was convinced at all intellectual doubts at all times. Reincarnation as a school of life gives life meaning and force the other hand, this is my credo.

In addition, I was and I am convinced of the possibility that the man may live in God’s image in its highest perfection, even this side forever. Over time, there were clues that it still has to be such teachings and traditions. I began to search for teachers and techniques and found masters from various disciplines and philosophies that share my conviction. My search led me to many teachers and teachings, and now I can say that nearly all my suspicions are confirmed. I found what I was looking for. An overview of my spiritual path is available here: »curriculum vitae spiritualis«.

I believe in the goodness of man, which means that I am convinced of the humanity in human beings! Unfinished, as all my closest, I work with many setbacks, but steadily on myself. Much to do, so we can make a better world for our descendants, let’s get started!

Out of  joy and gratitude, I would like to share my knowledge and experience and for that purpose,
I offer my course »Consciousness and Meditation«
and my personal support.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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