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“The essential nature of Being is absolute bliss consciousness. Without the knowledge of the fundamental of life, absolute consciousness, life is like a building without a foundation. The life of the individual without the realization of “Being” is baseless, meaningless, and fruitless. – Therefore, how much happiness we experience depends on our state of consciousness – the more expanded the state of consciousness (the „being“ / pt), the more happiness arises. – Man’s life is meant to be a bridge of abundance between divine intelligence and the whole creation. Man’s life is to cultivate and give – cultivate the divine power, the divine intelligence, happiness and abundance, and give it out to all of creation. This is the high purpose of the life of man, and it is fortunate to find that every man is capable of reaching this by improving the conscious capacity of his mind and consciously contacting the field of the absolute energy, peace, happiness, and abundance of the eternal, divine consciousness. The expansion of consciousness happens naturally through the practice of meditation.” 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – The Science of Being and Art of Living /




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Buddha spoke:


I teach …

When we turn our senses inwards, we recognize through objective
[thought-free] Body Awareness the Deathlessness [Immortality].

Yoga teaches us to turn the senses inwards,
Meditation liberates us from the fixation on thoughts.

Meditation connects us to the bottom of our hearts with the confession free source of all religions,
Meditation reveals to us the realization of our immortality as confirmation of its practice,
Meditation thus makes an important contribution to world peace.


»Yoga and Meditation focus on Oneness with the Divine«

The union with God, the oneness with the whole creation and the compassion for all living beings, are the characteristics of all mystics. – It is time to return to Connectedness with God before we destroy ourselves. – All wars, all struggles, all bloodshed, and all suffering are based on a lack of Connectedness with God. – Sticking to the vision of Global Peace is the only reasonable survival strategy. Only through a worldwide peace movement will the necessary transparency and truth-finding become possible, which can initiate an age of care for the environment and fellow human beings.

»George Monbiot (on Ted Talk Video) explains how we can shape the way to a better world community« :

«What we need to create is a community based on bridging networks. – “bridging network” brings people together from different groups, while a “bonding network” only brings together people from a similar group, who therefore have to defend themselves against other groups. – We have to create rich and vibrant bridging communities to work together with other groups, to thwart the urge for people to burrow into the security of a homogenous bonding community similar unifying group. – Our task is to tell the story that lights the path to a better world. – We have this incredible capacity for “togetherness” and “belonging”, and if we invoke this capacity, we can recover those amazing components of our humanity – “altruism” and “collaboration”. »

Read also from Peter Todesco  »Manifestation of Peace«


»Preconditions and Results of an authentic Meditation«

We need a clear and consistent training to get the confirmation experiences witnessed by all the mystics.
Every authentic method, school or teaching, first of all, treats the core problem; the “distracted and moved mind”.

For a successful meditation practice, the structure of the “4 Foundations” is considered to be absolutely important and indispensable, they form the foundation of the practice: “1st Posture” – “2nd Withdrawal of Feelings and Thoughts” – “3rd Connection with the Energy” – “4th One Point Concentration” (being ‘focused on one point’). The goal of meditation, however, must be achieved through voluntary commitment and complete dedication. Teachings from authentic traditions and schools therefore demand and promote the development of «will», «intention» and «vitality» for the successful practitioner. The goal of meditation can only be achieved through voluntary self-commitment and complete dedication. Sexuality is elemental Cosmic Force must be discussed here openly and objectively and its immense significance must be recognized: 

Kundalini Shakti – The „Cosmic Serpent“ as the primeval ground of being

The inseparable connection between sexuality and spirituality requires the conscious and disciplined transformation of sexual energy into spiritual energy and its cultivation and preservation (which can also be lived in a conscious partnership). Only a sufficient measure of subtle prana energy «Ojas» activates the universal life force consciousness «Kundalini Shakti». The active ☤ Kundalini ☤ then directs the individual extremely precise, fundamental and complete transformation process that leads to All-Encompassing Consciousness“ and to the Experience of  „Immortality“.

»The classical Yoga Scriptures« express themselves clearly:

Only through the “bioenergetic process” of Kundalini Shakti
Spirituality can be fully realized.


»Meditation as Path to Immortality«

“We are born and live here on earth out of immortality because it is the basis of all life.”

Meditation can only be understood with a holistic “Philosophy of Immortality“. Without the certainty of the immortality of our soul and our own entity, life makes little sense. Enlightenment is not an end in itself, but arises out of Respect for the Creation and, with the compassion that results from it, serves all beings for their welfare.

The loss of this immortal dimension through the one-sided preference of rational thinking as opposed to the intuitive understanding of truth has also made us egoistic, thievish, and destructive towards nature and our fellow human beings. The nowadays still predominant one-sided materialistic worldview contradicts already for decades the actual knowledge of the natural sciences. If we want to have a future, this view of the world must urgently be expanded to a holistic view by bringing natural sciences, religions and the humanities closer together.

In all written instructions for Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda is clearly stated, that with these techniques and methods the “Union with God” – the reconnection with the primordial “All-Encompassing Consciousness” and “Immortality” can be attained on all levels.

The art of meditation has been developed in India for thousands of years and we need to incorporate this knowledge and philosophy into our practice of Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. If we strive for the same success that the Taoists and “Chan” masters in China and the “Zen” masters in Japan have achieved through the adoption and integration of “Dhyana”, the meditation methods of the Indian teachings of yoga, we cannot miss this knowledge. The three words in quotation marks, which are pronounced in a very similar way, show that, except in India, only in China and Japan exists an independent word for “Meditation”, because only in these three countries a meditation culture has been developed. The word meditation is a borrowing from Latin and means meditari “thinking, reflecting, reconsidering”. Meditation was practiced in medieval Christianity as meditatio (meditation without an object). This shows that in the West we still lack the correct term as a coherent word for Meditation. But for this purpose, we must study the writings of these traditions. Meditation deepens in clarity beyond the boundaries of body and mind. 

If we want to create a peaceful world, we urgently need to bring a ” Meditative Culture ” to its own bloom in the West. – Meditation requires a responsible treatment of all living beings and the whole creation. – Meditation forces us to encounter our dark sides (which Carl Gustav Jung called «Shadows») and transform them into light.  The Meditation Manual «The Secret of the Golden Flower»,  first time published in the West in 1929 by Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist), explains a method of meditation that is especially qualified for our time. This text by the Chinese Taoist Wang Chongyang, already introduced in the original in the 17th century approaches of contemporary psychoanalytical thinking into the «Doctrine of the Golden Flower» and expanded the understanding of Meditation into a deeper dimension with this Meditation Instruction. – Further explanation in my  »Project Meditation«


Meditation itself, you cannot learn, you can only experience Meditation!

However, the task of a School of Meditation or a Guru is to teach, how to remove the obstacles that prevent us from living naturally in the meditative consciousness. The Methods of the Golden Flower provide us with the means to directly strive for this state and to consciously dissolve the obstacles. As soon as the obstacles are removed, we automatically enter the state of Meditation and our mind becomes completely still. In this Silence, we connect with the all-encompassing consciousness and become one with it. In this silence our Immortality, our Independence from the material world is revealed. But no teacher or guru can teach us how to enter into silence and thus reach the state of meditation; each person has to work this out individually for himself. (Guru = spiritual guide who chases the darkness away [Sanskrit gu=darkness, ru=expel, destroy] / I call myself a friend and my disciples “friends of meditation”)

At first, it seems to be a contradiction that meditation cannot be taught or learned because there are countless teachers, gurus and meditation schools that teach meditation. As explained above, it is not about teaching meditation per se, but about realizing or restoring the original situation of our unified being as soul or spirit beings within matter in a physical body. If our soul, our universal spirit, gets fully connected to our physical body, the state of meditation results in itself. All schools and teachers who are worth something try to help the students to remove the obstacles on this path. At first, seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand in our way. Not only are we shaped by our actions and experiences of this life and entangled and trapped in our thinking, but also our society and our previous lives do not make things easier for us.

“Spiritual work is undertaken to enable a person to attain a state of being that is free of the physical plane.” – “Only under this condition can he begin to experience a unity with higher creative energy in the universe. In order to begin a process, he must be willing to surrender his tensions and illusions, which prevent spiritual evolvement and the experience of deep inner joy.  He can then initiate the process of energy transformation.”  –  Rudi (Rudrananda) / Albert Rudolph



“Drugs can provide short-term insights, but in the long run they hinder ascension and leave toxic blockages behind.”
(see page 28 ‘Search for Immortality‘ last Question: “Can we achieve enlightenment with drugs?”)

Meditation requires a solid foundation in material and social life:

“First establish a firm foothold in daily activities within society.  
Only then can you cultivate reality and understand essence.”
(The Secret of the Golden Flower – Thomas Cleary Chap. 1.7)

«Compassion can only be learned through regular harmonious exchange with our fellow human beings.»
It is essential to have a firm relationship with our community and to be independent in our existence,

before turning intensely to our mental and spiritual development.

Relevant material and psychological problems must be solved so that we can “safely” devote ourselves
to an intensive development of our mental and spiritual processes, with the “Meditation of the Golden Flower”.


Mental an Spiritual Precondition and Decision

“What was in the beginning mind or matter?” – “Did mind create matter or did the mind come out of matter?”
Scientific experiments based on mathematical calculations indicate that consciousness and matter are inseparably interwoven and manifested themselves together as an act of creation in mathematical-physical absolute order from a “source beyond time and space”.
(from the fine-material spiritual to the coarse-material material – and not vice versa)

Without making any mental or visual image, it’s obvious,
to name this source, free of religious or ideological prejudice, GOD or THE HIGHEST.

My answer to the “Spirit-Matter Question” is:

“Everything that is, spirit and matter, has emerged simultaneously and together
from the highest divine source”. 

This first spiritual setting of the course decides where our path of life leads us:
To a one-sided materialistic world view or to a unified spiritual view of mind and matter!

Before we embark on a spiritual path that must include the ethereal and gross worlds, this question should be
clearly answered in terms of a commitment to this source of creation.


»The Science of Spirituality«

Significance of Spirituality in the context of these Websites:

– Constant development and cultivation of Higher Consciousness through Yoga & Meditation
– Dissolving Egoism as the cause of all suffering through development of Compassion
– Living in harmony with the universal divine order of the entire Creation

»Handbook for Meditation – Peter Todesco«


»Meditation is a self-healing process for body, mind and soul, and leads to health, happiness and long life!«

Spiritual oneness of body (matter) and mind (consciousness and energy) and the primary function of mind form the structure of »Hatha Yoga«.  Taking into account the «4 basics», Hatha Yoga starts by body postures “Asanas” (1st «posture») with the body and leads via breathing techniques to focus on our inner self “Pranayama” (3rd «connection with the energy») to “Pratyahara” (2nd «turning inside & drawing back the senses») and thus finally to the alignment of the mind “Dharana” (4th «one point concentration») as a prerequisite for meditation “Dhyana” (5th «first stage of meditation»). – Hatha Yoga, like Tao Yoga, practices the connection of the body (earthly energy) with the original mind (God/Tao/Heavenly Energy) and leads according to “Hatha Yoga Pradipikâ” and the “Teaching of the Golden Flower” to the state of Immortality. Hatha Yoga is therefore in itself a complete path to enlightenment and perfection.


»Death and Immortality in the light of spiritual science«   – Rudolf Steiner

In the growth of forces and in real life we feel our immortality. We live and learn to feel the immortality of the soul by feeling the richness of our soul through an ominous understanding of spiritual science. Spiritual science is the lifeblood of life and, through its understanding, becomes a vital force. To experience and feel immortality as our confidence in life, that is what must originate from spiritual science. Immortality can be experienced already during our life. It exists because the soul of man can already feel it in his body during his life. The soul can experience immortality as its deepest being and its deepest quality, as something substantial, physical that increases the powers.

The method of the »Golden Flower Meditation« taught by Peter Todesco leads after about a 100 days
of regular and disciplined practice to perceptible results which confirm these statements as inner experience.


»Spiritual Schools should pass the basics of Meditation«

Kepher Haru describes in his call
“The spiritual schools are wrong in the basics of meditation” the conditions of a real meditation.

There is no simplified shortcut for Meditation and Enlightenment:
Meditation is a question of discipline and commitment.

“Man is not so quick willing to give up his habitual patterns and remains ignorant rather than to tread the path
of self-recognition. Many people practice meditation as a kind of spiritual wellness and are
not aware that this decision has consequences and causes pain.” – Claude Diolosa

Claude Diolosa deepens this topic in his explanations of the Sermon on the Mount
“The Beatitudes”  /  http : // p = 607?


»The Meditation of the Golden Flower«

Meditation, as taught in the »Golden Flower Meditation«, helps us, to dissolve bad karma and
create good karma through Spiritual Work on a deeper level of meditation.
»The Method of the Golden Flower« is a universal technique for «clearing the mind» and «attaining higher consciousness».
Its objective and scientific approach predestines it to be the  »consciousness technique« for our time!
The doctrine of the Golden Flower is based on very old classic Taoist and Buddhist records of meditation
traditions of thousands of years old knowledge of »Yoga« and »Ayurveda«.
These methods were long known before our era in many spiritual traditions and early high cultures before Atlantis and
belong to a single knowledge transfer from one universal source, but are forgotten generally from time to time again.


The »School of Meditation« combines the two most important »Classic Meditation Manuals«:

(1) The Secret Of The Golden Flower & (2) The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Peter Todesco has adjusted the »Meditation of the Golden Flower« to today’s life and integrates the current teachings
of today living master’s of »Tao Yoga« and »Kriya Yoga« into the teaching of his practice.

(1) »The Secret Of The Golden Flower« (China 11th/12th century) is the most basic work ever transmitted about meditation. This text (first published in written form in the 17th century) combines in analytical explanation and scientific form all the important insights of Buddhist and Taoist methods for the clarification of the mind, and based on these traditions has developed one of the most fundamental and advanced spiritual methods for the renewal of life energy through our primordial consciousness. This method is directly related to the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda.

(2) »The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali« (India 2nd century BC) forms the bridge of this ancient knowledge between India and China. Patanjali a “Siddha” of Kriya Yoga, explains in this classic canon in a few keywords of concentrated wisdom all Meditation Instructions of Yoga. The “Sutras of Patanjali” link even in the School of Meditation the Indian wisdom with the teachings of the “Golden Flower” from China.

»The Meditation of the Golden Flower« is suitable for all people to the same extent because it is an absolutely direct way to clear the mind and build vital energy in all areas. It is easy to learn, can be practiced anywhere and helps in a short time, to a large degree of self-determination and was therefore always particularly appreciated in difficult times.

»The meditation method of the Golden Flower« with regular practice leads to health, happiness, and long life. Meditation can be learned and practiced without prior knowledge, of any age, with any constitution, and in every situation in life. Meditation is independent of religion, affiliation or ideology. Real Meditation expands our consciousness for the benefit of all beings.

»Meditation fills our lives with meaning and content!« Through meditation, we connect with our soul, with the spirit which animates what is eternal in us, and is not limited by birth and death. The goal of meditation is to bring about a higher state of consciousness, which affects not only the meditation in the strict sense but the whole way of life of the people involving. Disciplined meditation practice is the best contribution to own peace of mind, and thus to peace in the world.

»The Meditation of the Golden Flower« is a clear and practical guide to spiritual growth and to increase the energy of life. The exact application of this pragmatic and empirical method itself leads to the verifiable confirmation experiences that help the modern human being as a condition for living a fulfilling and harmonious life.         

»The Practice of the Meditation Method of the Golden Flower« is embedded in the context of the »Philosophy of Immortality«. The regular accurate practice connects us with our original immortal spirit and gives us so a new understanding of reality. Simple precise techniques develop increasingly self-healing, regenerating, rejuvenating and life-prolonging effects when used consistently. Meditation leads to lasting happiness and unconditional love

Peter Todesco has designed this »Meditation Website« as a contemporary and for all comprehensible »Meditation Handbook«. Verify your interest here with his »Short Instruction« or with him in a charge-free »Introductory Course«  at the »Course location«. Deepen your meditation practice the Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation«.



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Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world.

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