A population of trillions of individuals can live happily together under one roof.
Such a community exists: it is the healthy human body. – Bruce Lipton


There is no more important question than the question of immortality. On this issue, the whole culture of humanity can be measured. Under the title “Philosophy of Immortality” I would like to reveal the intellectual and spiritual background of this ancient and justified human longing and the „striving for infinity“

My life’s task is to make accessible the Way to Immortality in this world and in the hereafter to my contemporaries and fellow human beings in a modern and scientific way. My goal is to share the abundance of knowledge and experience that have resulted from my lifelong preoccupation with the search for immortality with all interested parties and to deepen. 

Therefore I offer my Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation« in which everybody with the appropriate discipline can come in a short time to a number of examinable results, which show clearly what is said. I see myself in this task as a friend and helper and urge participants to ensure readiness to criticism and independence, for me the inalienable rights of a free individual. 

With the two websites »Self-Remembering« and »Light Body«, based on quotations, I indicate the path, all the mystics and saints have gone before us to get in touch with the Divine and live their Immortality. 

Yoga and Meditation for thousands of years have a core competence in the field of rejuvenation and longevity, and in the connection from this world with the beyond. The scientists of the ancient civilizations of India, China and Egypt thought in overarching and cross-linked categories. With ever more profound insight into the laws of the material creation principles, we rediscover these categories of thought again.

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It’s my main concern, to build an objective and non-clerical foundation for the nearness of God transmitted by such training. This makes possible to integrate individual religious, historical and cultural roots in this continuing education and deepening. 

The absolute separation of matter from the ethereal (the subtle matter) is a by-product of modern science. With an ever-deeper-reaching insight into the laws of material creation, we discover these basic categories of thought again. Buddha said: “Deathlessness is found. I teach. I preach the doctrine.” If regardless of the current fashion trends, we do remember; how our body, our psyche and our minds (I am referring to our consciousness) are able to provide the same benefits on a natural and organic basis, we will learn with astonishment that there were always people who have passed those teachings. 

The time has come, to put the basic life questions: »Where do we come from? – Why are we here? – Where are we going?« on an objective and verifiable basis. Until now, scientists have delivered little revealing partial results. Measurements in the feeling areas of the brain from monks meditating in decades, statistical measurement of health improvements through Yoga or Tai Chi, evidence of mental improvement through results comparison in professional sports, etc.

The real certainty was reinforced earlier in all religions and beliefs through rituals and rites to all the important moments in life: birth, baptism, coming of age, marriage, investitures, jurisdiction and death, and strengthened in their naive faith by these celebrations taking place in churches and Temples. Today, many people miss this homeland, even if they perform the rituals with a mixture of nostalgia and habit. They ask for a new reassurement based on reason and scientific certainty and wait for these questions are answered in contemporary form. 

The plenty of books on the question “what comes after death?” and the popularity of media personalities as advisors and informants in such situations shows the strong need to clear up this issue. Nevertheless, the awareness of our mortality, as a latent uneasiness in existence, is hidden deep among the many imperceptible mechanisms of repression, that let us experience the daily life with its many activities as a seemingly endless continuum. All the more deeply we are shocked at the direct experience of a death in the immediate vicinity, and such experiences often lead people to reflect and change the life cycle. 

If we can make the conscious experience, that there is life after death, lasting peace is in our inner and outer world. For some time seriously ill cancer patients receive LSD to alleviate their distress, and thanks to this ‘medicine’ (LSD is a consciousness-expanding drug) the make the experience, that their existence does not depend solely on the body. The same experience can be achieved in deep meditation. The mourning for the loss of our departed can find solace when the connection is restored. I am convinced that we overcome this gap in future more and more, and this world and the hereafter will grow together again. This will solve many problems of our present life, and change the whole society sustainable. 

I am fully aware that most people fear the real implementation of the ancient longing for Eternal Life and Eternal Youth, and have so far assigned it to the land of fantasy and fairy tales. I would like to approach this by presenting here a “Philosophy of Immortality”.

In recent years, however, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries have taken up the subject as modern descendants of the alchemists, and with the slogans of “anti-aging”, “well aging” and “best aging”, it praises an ever longer phase of youthful life. From the “old iron” the seniors mutate to the “generation silver” and from the “generation gold” to the “generation platinum” (of course only for those who can afford it financially) and at the same time we are pretended by ingenious marketing strategists a carefree old age.

A new generation of scientists has already prescribed the genetic viability of extended life and think about the medical contraindication for this kind of “immortal life”, an “early termination” on request. And on the opposite side newly discovered diseases such as Alzheimer’s are spreading a scary fear of dementia conditions that encourage the early termination of life by suicide (usually with the help of others) in a still conscious state. Here gapes open slightly too strong. 

Discipline is the prerequisite for a life of freedom. To stay healthy into old age, and then consciously let go and move to the other side, instead of dying sick and exhausted, is the wish for many. But the necessary self-discipline to us is made very difficult of the ubiquitous consumer-fixated media-propaganda. Nevertheless, it is proven by many well-known people that this is possible with the necessary effort. 

The expulsion from paradise caused the birth trauma of mankind, the loss of the awareness of immortality. The corresponding biblical text of the Genesis can also be interpreted as meditation instruction in the sense of the “Golden Flower Meditation”! With my »Study Program«, I offer a chance to dissolve this trauma and the programmed “death wish”. This has a life-lasting effect on the rest of our life, no matter how you stand to the idea of a constantly renewing and imperishable body. The “Philosophy of Immortality” has a harmonizing effect on family and relationship, in our own way of life, the willingness to peace and the use of the natural resources.

I am convinced that with absolutely thorough and unprejudiced investigation, on whatever field (tangible or intangible), as a result of a unified theory and worldview must result that the existence of the divine shows conclusively and thus unites all areas of knowledge. The most interesting evidence is »God’s Secret Formula« written by Dr Peter Plichta, a German chemist. 

The “Philosophy of Immortality” is a Philosophy of Live and of the Joy of Living. My main focus lies on the chances and possibilities to live and confirm immortality in this world. The Philosophy of Immortality is a “Philosophy of Life” which strengthens and intensifies our love of life and joy of life. This is what I would like to contribute to a fairer and better world; and on this basis, I understand my concern as a »Spiritual Science of Our Time« as a “Science of the Experience of God” which has to serve the ideas of world peace and world citizenship independent from belief.

These basic ideas I always have been committed and I would like to promote my sites.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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