It is my goal to make Meditation accessible to everyone


We need a «Culture of Meditation» in the West! – That’s the most important thing.

Support the «Project Meditation»  – It should lead to the fact that «Meditation in all its complexity and depth» in the West will be further developed and explored independently and will be recognized and established as a «Method to clarify our mind and develop Higher Consciousness.» – A new golden age needs a spiritual basis. – It is my declared goal to teach meditation and yoga as it was practised long ago in Great Advanced Cultures by the majority of people. From my point of view, the “supernatural spiritual abilities” described by Kriya Yoga Siddha Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras are the only plausible explanation for the precision structures of the pyramids and other gigantic stone works, this also concerns many other archaeological artefacts that remain unexplained technically until today.

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It is high time to create lasting peace if we want to secure our survival on planet Earth,
Meditation is the best way to do it. 

The classic meditation training must be renewed, so that this discipline can be freed from all demands and dependencies of charismatic leadership, and is available to everybody. The time for Secrets has passed. The meditation method I teach is intended to enable each practitioner to determine their Spiritual Life independently from schools and teachers. Contemporary meditation is overconfessional. Let’s get it done, »contact« me! 

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A successful practice requires the practitioner to live but the firm intention, kindness and wisdom and exemplify. The overcoming of our petty selfishness as an ego-task belongs to the spiritual development of all human beings. In opposition to the powers of darkness, we forge the fire of mysticism. There is no meditation “light”.

With the ability of meditation man acquires eternal life, the breath of the Holy Spirit will reach him, the blessings of the Holy Spirit being given to him by reflection and meditation. The human mind receives knowledge and new strength through meditation. Because they are things, spread out before his eyes, of which man knew nothing. 

Through it he receives Divine inspiration, through it, he receives heavenly food. Meditation is the key to the gates of the secrets. In this state, the person can solve by itself, and he runs in this state back from all things in the outside world. In this subjective constitution, he dives into the sea of spiritual life and can reveal the secrets of things in themselves. 

«Medicine is healing for the Body – Meditation is healing for the soul.» 

Today’s materialism is a springboard to spirituality. Only in a rich country, people start to feel their spiritual poverty. Once you’ve begun to feel spiritual poverty, there are basically only two options: either commit suicide or go through an inner transformation.

One can sink into sorrow and yearn for the death or surrender to a senseless activism and ignore the recognized fact until life comes to an end. Even a slow extinguishing without the joy of life could be described as suicide by rates. Nevertheless, a part of us realizes that we have not accepted the challenge to go through an inner transformation.

«Meditation is a way of inner transformation. In meditation, the whole being is coming to a state of absolute rest.»

Meditation is a technology tried and tested over thousands of years, constantly improving, in which there is a change of consciousness. The mind is changed by the discriminating awareness to the non-discriminating consciousness. Meditation is unclouded awareness, awareness without thought processes, the silence of thoughts.

Meditation allows the awakening to consciousness of the unity of all being, alert awareness, unintentional presence. Awareness is the secret of meditation, one becomes the awareness. This awareness, this vigilance should remain absolutely unclouded and undisturbed. Being has to remain unmoved. Just be a witness. – This is meditation.

With emptiness, all is done. Everything we carry in the heart to pouring out is essential. Empty, so that God, the light, can take place in us. Drop the ego, drop all action, thoughts as well, be easy. – This is meditation.

When one is empty, when our ego is gone, light appears, without a source, without cause. As long as our ego is present, it is dark. Darkness and ego – light and non-ego are synonymous. Ego is another word for desire, the ego has never been right. The moment in which we can resolve our ego, is the moment of great happiness, because:

«If you’re not, God is here, if you’re not, you are yourself!»

What is yoga? Harmony is called Yoga, yoga is the balance, a balance between inner and outer life. In a broader sense of an individual personality, the mind must be directed equally at home and abroad. One should neither be an introvert or an extrovert, but a balanced person, which led to a smile, a smile that reflects contentment. Such a satisfaction comes from the mind.

«All the yoga or the yoga philosophy is ultimately a study of consciousness.
Yoga is the withdrawal or control of thoughts.»

What if the thoughts are under control? The observer recognizes himself in his own self. The observer recognizes the conscious individuality (subjectivity) in living beings. This so-called subjectivity ceases to be subjective (self-centred) because the subject has no meaning because there are no more external objects. Subject and object have a relationship, because of that is one dependent of the other to own «raison d’être». If the exterior does not exist, the interior is no longer available and vice versa. 

If someone, for this reason, controls his thoughts or withdraws, he recognizes that there are no things outside of him, for the object ceases to exist, and the interior also loses its existence. Therefore, with such a man is, a subjectivity or individuality is no longer available. It no longer exists. As a result arises so from the withdrawal or control of thoughts, a rebirth of the self in his own honest nature. This is the natural authenticity of the true man, the fundamental harmony between the inner and outer life.

«There is a classical definition of yoga, which is perhaps the most understandable of all the definitions,
because Yoga is explained by the fact that the search is coming to the end
through constant practice of yoga.»

“And this end, this universal aim of human endeavour, i.e. the achievement of perpetual bliss and
the safe separation from the pain of empirical implications.”

«What is yoga? Yoga is that which frees each one of all his misery forever.
Yoga is that which frees man from his pain and puts him in his own eternity.» 

Swami Krishnananda (Pearls of Yoga) 

“Awareness is expanded during the meditation and at the same time, deepened and increased. Meditation reaches all levels of our personality, even those we knew not yet, or do not want to know. Who wants to learn meditation, has to practice it.” 

«The conscious transmission goes quiet and there are reports or something shows up that always was there before.
Through meditation, you become no other, but the one, who has always been you.»

Carl Friedrich Weizsäcker (physicist and philosopher)

»Actually, there’s only one thing you need to do, but it’s one thing in three parts. That one thing is to cultivate inner peace, cultivate inner happiness and cultivate compassion. There’s a relationship between these three. Compassion is unsustainable unless it’s based on inner happiness. If you’re happy from the inside out, you can sustain compassion. Inner happiness is unsustainable unless you have inner peace, so there’s a linear relationship. And if everybody has compassion, it creates the conditions for world peace. So, that’s it, one thing, very simple.«

Chade-Meng Tan – Author of »Search Inside Yourself«

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If we want a future, we must establish an open and peaceful civilization on this planet,
from this point of view, meditation is indispensable.

I want to share this knowledge in my study program »Consciousness and Meditation« and make my contribution with it.
We can change our lives and contribute our part to a better world.

 I am looking forward to this challenge and thank you for your interest.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
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