Peter 1970

Birth and Change of Family name:Peter 1953

1951         Peter Exer / birth on 30.03.1951 in Rüti / Zurich

 1965         Peter Todesco / change of name 20.10.1965



1971 / 1990    Initiation into Knowledge, Hemmenhofen / Meeting with Guru Maharaji, Zurich
1974                Initiation into Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Zurich
1985                Initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga Sant Thakar Singh, Zurich
1991                Initiation into Kriya Yoga with Divjananda
1991                Initiation with Sai Baba in Bangalore
1992                Initiation into Tibetan mantras with Geshe Ugyen Tseten, Zurich
1986 – *           Tao Yoga, Chi Kung & Tai Chi with Master Mantak Chia, New York, Chiang May, and Zurich
2001 – *           Initiation into Kriya Yoga with Marshall Govindan Satchidananda, Zurich /Kempten, Germany

Courses, Teachings, and Training:

1971                Talks Swami Omkaranand
1972                Talk by Krishnamurti
1974                Jazz Dance, various teachers, Zurich
1978 – 1994    Knowledge of human nature, physiognomy, and numerology with Max Bänziger, Zurich
1980 – 1981    Hatha Yoga with Selvaraja Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, Zurich and Ponte Tresa
1980 – 1982    Logos-Veda Seminar with Hans-Joachim Badzong, Zurich and Ponte Tresa
1981                Numerology and radiation doctrine with Gottfried Tanner, Zurich
1982                Numerology with Guggisberg, Zurich
1982 / 1990    Uri Geller performance and meeting, Zurich
1982                Lecture by Sioux Lame Deer, Zurich
1982                Seminar on Indian knowledge with Hopi Swift Deer, Rosenlaui BE
1982                Feldenkrais Workshop with Franz Wurm, Interlaken
1982                Oscar Marcel Hinze Seminar “Meditation and Sexuality” Daisendorf / Meersburg D
1982 – 1992    Seminars and séances with Bob Chrzan, Zurich and Winterthur
1983                Lecture with Gopi Krishna “Kundalini The Evolutionary Energy in Man,” University of Zurich
1983                Lecture “The Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains” with Frater Albertus (Albert Riedel), Zurich
1985                Tai Chi and Shiatsu course, Toscana
1987                Rebirthing course and training with Daniel Bühler, Zurich
1987                Lecture in Tantra SkyDancing with Ma Anand Margo, Zurich
1988                POP process-oriented psychology, discussion meetings with Arnold Mindell, Zurich
1988                Firewalking seminars, near Zurich
1988                Seminars with Chris Griscom, Zurich, and Monte Verità
1988                Lectures with Eva Reich “life and work of (her Father) Wilhelm Reich” and “Natural Birth”
1989                Working on emotions, Claudia von Albertini, (inner child, emotional) feat.Teacher of Chris Griscom, Zurich
1989                Alta Major Course and training with Divo Helche Weber, Zurich
1989                Sufi Seminars with Reshad Field, Zurich
1991                Lecture on Kriya Yoga Janakananda, Luzern
1992                Vision seminar with Douglas Harding “adventure immortality”, Zurich
1993                Introduction to the numerology and astrology of Ra Uru Hu, “Human Design System, Uster
1995 – 2008    Susi Ottiger respiratory therapist, (inner child healing), Zurich
1999                Seminar Focusing with Eugene T. Gendlin, Zurich
1999                Seminar with Dr. Peter Plitcha, in Wolfratshausen Germany
2000                Ba Shen Tai Chi & Meditation with Dr. David Shen (Verdesi), Chiang May, Thailand
2002 – *           Kabbalah Center New York, Rabbinic writings, and books by mail
2002                Introduction to the Franklin Method with Eric Franklin, Uster
2003                Holosync 3D 2003 – Seminar “Consciousness Universe” Michael Pahl, Munich
2005                H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama, The Great Instruction, Hallenstadion Zurich
2007 – *           Tiangong Institute, Shifu Schen Letian, Master Tianying, Master Tianping, Qi Gong, Berlin
2009 – 2018    Gregorian Chant in “Schola Walpensis” with Maria Walpen, Dürnten
2010 – *           Kabbalah Centre Tel Aviv, lecture in Zurich by David Nahor student of Rav Berg
2010 – 2018    Cantienica® Method for Body Shape & Posture with BettinaKubli bodyworx, Wetzikon
2010 – 2013    Polarity Therapy with Sara Mürner
2010 – *           Seminar “Control of Reality” teachings from Grigory Grabovoi with Svetlana Smirnova & Dimitri Eletski
2010                Short Seminar with Carlo Zumstein “Global Spirituality and exist. life forces” – “The Healing Power of Fear”
2011                Short Seminar with Chuck Spezzano in Zurich, “Mastering the Future and Enjoying the Present”
2011                Book Presentation ‘Der Blindgänger’ and Live Lecture with Steven Mack in Uster
2012 – *          Catherine Asfour, Zurich/Meilen, TCM Therapy –
2012 – *          George Theruvel,  Ayurvedic Consultations, Stans
2013 – *          Symposia “Akademie Menschenmedizin” – Mitglied –
2014                Congress “Meditation & Wissenschaft” (& Science), Berlin  –
2014 – 2016    Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Jürg Falk Zurich
2015                Nadine Reuter & Armin Risi, “Jahreskreis“ (Lecture and Meditation), Lectures

2015                Daniel Odier, (Quelle Seminarzentrum) Bern, Seminar “Unfold the Power of the Heart on the Tantric Way“
2015                Dr. Ulrich Warnke, Seminar “Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality”
2015/2016      Eveline Moor Züllig & Martin Züllig, “casa
civetta“, Focusing & Vipassana
2018 – *           “Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy” with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and Beate Herrmann, Winterthur/Frauenfeld
2020                “Transformational Yoga” from Swami Vidyanand Workshop with Estelle Rothen, Uster

(* = ongoing education/trainings/therapies/activities)

Cultural Studies:

1981 – 1998    Egypt, long stayings (for weeks in Meditation) in the Cheops pyramid, Cairo
1983                Egypt, extensive travel to all the temples from Cairo to Abu Simbel with Max Bänziger

1990                Egypt, extensive travel with Dia Eddin Muhammad Badr archaeologist from Egypt

1991                Bangalore and (Udhagamandalam) Ooty in southern India (Sai Baba Ashram)
1991 – 2000    Healing Tao Center, Chiang May, Thailand, Buddhist monasteries of the environment
2011                Batanes (northern island of the Philippines) Ivatan Culture
2013                Chowara, Kerala India, Ayurveda Therapy, Yoga and Meditation in Ayurveda Ashram Shinshiva of Dr. Franklin

2015 – *           Vayala, Kerala India, Ayurveda Therapy and Yoga in Vedasudha and Yogasudha Ayurvedic Hospital of G. Theruvel

My own Meditation Courses:

1982          10  Meditation Evenings in Zurich 27.05.1982 – 12.08.1982
1984            7  Meditation Evenings in Zurich 06.09.1984 – 18.10.1984
2012  – 2018   Meditation Courses in Wetzikon 27.03.2012 – 25.04.2018
2015  – *          Meditation Courses in Zurich since 14.12.2015
2016  – *          Meditation Courses in Uster 17.02.2016 – 30.04.2019  (since 01.05.2019 no more Meditation Groups)
2019 – *           Personal Introduction to Meditation for individuals with aftercare since 01.05.2019

Translations and Transcriptions

2009 – 2013    “Meditation der Goldenen Blüte” Transcription and Translation of “The Secret of the Golden Flower” (German)
2013                “Golden Flower Meditation” Transcription of “The Secret of the Golden Flower” (English)
2013                “Kultivierung der Lebensenergie” Translation of “Cultivating the Energy of Life” by Eva Wong (German)
2014                “The Secret of the Golden Flower – Wang Chongyang” von Pei Yeing Translation (German)
2015                “Le Secret de la Fleur d‘Or“ Transcription of the sold-out edition (French)
2015                “Il Segreto del Fiore d‘ Oro“ Transcription (Italian)

2019                “El Segreto  de la Flor de Oro” Transcription (Spanish)
2015 – 2019    “Kundalini Vidya” The Science of Spiritual Transformation by Joan Shivarpita Harrigan (German) Translation


2015                “The Healing Power of Meditation” / “Die Heilende Kraft der Meditation” 2 Lectures on LinkedIn
2015                “Meditation Yoga of Spirit and Soul” / “Meditation Yoga der Seele”

Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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