My Study Program, »Consciousness and Meditation« is a cognition and development path for spiritual growth. It is the result of a targeted life-long exploration of immortality at all levels. Thus I pass my practical experience with the implementation of this knowledge through meditation and yoga and lead the participants to integrate spirituality and intellect in everyday life.

Interestingly, all the religions promise life after death, where our lives will be very similar. Its originality is at least not described as totally immaterial. Simplified it can be concluded from this that all cultures assume in dealing with the death of the fact that we move to finer material bodies and correspondingly finer parallel worlds, which are superimposed on our (the gross) level, and on which we can obtain access through various techniques. Just this promises I wanted to question and consider whether they can acquit themselves.

In many cultures and religions, there is also evidence of particularly outstanding saints and mystics who transcends even their physical body, have transformed it
and become immortal.

But the basic fact that we deliberately do not usually spend present uninterrupted 24 hours a day in our bodies should make us  thoughtful:

“WHO” are “WE” in the meantime of sleeping, dreaming, daydreaming, fatigue and absent-mindedness?

A wealth of information in all cultures testify to the centrality of these issues for humanity:

Are we immortal? Is there life after death? Is there reincarnation?

The inevitability of sleep and dream impressively demonstrates the training and preparation inherent in our physical body for the fact of a consciousness independent of this body (and therefore out of the body). How often you are awake and have realized only when standing up, that the dream has not taken place in this world, but you felt a real after-effect in this world?

This implies the existence of a subtle material dream body with which we can move into other worlds in other ways and act.

The modern psychology by Stephen Wolinsky and Arnold Mindell has dealt extensively with body-trance and dream states. Her work has explored the influence of these conditions on our feelings and relationships and developed valuable help for life.

My work starts from a state of being fully awake and being present in the body and
from there makes the first edge and intermediate aware.

At the same time, physical and energy exercises help us to heal and rejuvenate our bodies, and thus we create a solid world-sided existence for ourselves within our bodies. We get to the fixation on our fictitious “I” (which consists of concepts of thought and feeling artificially created) to loosen and expand our sense of identity to all life. So this otherwise unconscious realms (peripheral and intermediate states) will change and form a stable bridge to other worlds.

About this viable connection awareness (free of obstacles) in the subtle body is possible, and the anchoring in the spiritual and immortal centre, awaken awareness of our out-of-body continuum of consciousness becomes a reality. 

Our real nature is revealed by itself: Unconditional love, God’s consciousness, Bliss.

It takes twenty minutes to read this text but a lifetime to put it into practice, please read: »The Greatest Thing in the World« by Henry Drummond. It contains the key to a harmonious solution to every situation, an afterlife brings complete harmony and complete freedom.

With specific and clear guided exercises within the everyday tangible otherworld, we develop a deeper understanding of our existence, an unparalleled quality of life and intensity. Nestled in the existing life, relationship and professional environment, and strengthen independent from the religious and denominational background, we consolidate and strengthen our mental and psychological power and orientation in order to expand our emotional intelligent social competence.

The traditional meditation methods effectuate the regaining and refinement of the original mind. The experience of the accompanying enlightenment of our consciousness is comparable with the light of heaven, a sky of awareness, which is more than images, ideas and feelings, a free space, a truly boundless expanse, which contains everything without being filled.

This opens up a wide path for meditation, an unlimited source of intuition, creativity and inspiration. This power of spiritual awakening, once developed, can be renewed indefinitely and deepened. First I would like to present my »Study Program« to a small group and later share it as a practice to a larger audience.

This meditation method shall enable each participant to determine and to live
his own life of beauty and freedom by himself.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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