Yoga is a Spiritual Exercise System and a Self-Healing Process with unlimited depth effect.

“Yoga as Path to Immortality” with this headline I would like to raise the awareness for the subject of Immortality by showing yoga as path to a “Life of Immortality”. But first I would like to answer the question on the metaphysical level. In every Hatha Yoga practice, a breath of silence is created, we bring the body to rest with the breath and withdraw the senses from the external impressions.

»The Birth of a New Paradigm«  –  »Accompanying Notes to the Philosophy of Immortality«

The question of immortality is the question of the meaning of our existence, and if we answer this question, we can make our contribution to this world. What is the point of giving something mortal to the world and imagining that we have done something good? Everything in the world carries an element of eternity, for only in this way can it exist.

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Even if we say that evil exists, we assume that a divine element is behind it. In the middle of the temporary things of this world, there is eternity. First place, it is necessary to exist for us to serve the world. But are we sure that we exist in the absolute reality?

Any coherent understanding of what language is and how language performs is, in the final analysis, underwritten by the assumption of God’s presence. Where God’s presence is no longer a tenable supposition and where His absence is no longer a felt, indeed overwhelming weight, certain dimensions of thought and creativity are no longer attainable.
George Steiner – Philosopher in “Real Presence”

It is a piece of eternity, which is expressed by us and that is the reason that we have the feeling of being safe and protected, and to live infinitely long in this world. This impulse has arisen because eternity is accompanying us amidst our earthly life. 

There is something immortal, which keeps us alive and insists that we should live. 

This desire to remain constantly alive is the touch of immortality, who works in us, keeps us alive and gives meaning to our lives. Nobody really wins joy and happiness from this mortal things to investigate, because we can take the mortality at any time. If there were only mortality in us, we could not talk to each other, because then we would indicate to every second of the worthlessness of our existence. 

Mortality cannot speak because it dies every minute.  

But when we are alive at least three minutes, this indicates that there must be more than just mortality in us. The mortal may not even exist for a short time, it would disappear like lightning, which does not happen. We continue to exist, which shows that immortality is within us, and it is up to us to find out what this immortality means.

All that is mortal is of perishable value, and if our personality is mortal, we should rid ourselves of it as soon as possible. What is good about embracing that which is mortal? Awareness of something mortal might probably confront us to something immortal. There is either in us or in the world or in both something immortal, to which we aspire, and if any worthwhile purpose can be adopted, it must be something that is immortal in its nature. The Mortal cannot be considered meaningful in life.

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What is immortal in this world? If anything, we can help to make something immortal, then this would be a big deal. These are serious matters in relation to the future of humanity and the future of the soul of the individual.

“What good is all the sunrise, if we do not get up.”  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg 

I understand the physical human body as a perfect masterpiece, which enables us to become creators themselves and to develop ourselves more than we can ever imagine. In the movie text »The Knowledge of Healing« available as DVD and book, you can read what H.H. the XIV. Dalai Lama says to this. In my understanding, there is no reason from a biological point of becoming ill, to age and to die in the final analysis. The possibility of an immortal body as the highest form of yoga and spiritual immortality could lead us to entirely new life goals. For this purpose, I designed my Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation«.   

The urge to serve, the urge to do good, raises by the interference of each individual in the cosmic dance of nature, towards the Supreme Absolute. Here lies the secret of all life and all efforts. There is nothing more blissful than to contribute for the benefit of others.

It is the joy of compassionate giving and receiving, which corresponds to our natural being.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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